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Preparing the ground for a garden building

Garden buildings require a flat and level base of about 3 inches above ground level in order to prevent rain damage and warping.

We do not prepare the base for the garden building ourselves but we can arrange for one of our contractors to do this for you.

Taking care of your garden building

Our buildings are pre-treated with wood preserver, however this treatment must be re-applied by yourself about once a year. We offer preservatives in the following colours: Rustic Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Red Cedar, Green and Clear/Natural.

Preparing the base for a garden building

It is vital for the stability, warp resistance and long life of any garden building for it to be erected on a firm, level and square base which sits approximately 80mm (3 inches) above ground level. The site should also be clear of overhanging branches or obstructions.

1: Concrete Pad

An ideal base consists of a single concrete pad the same dimensions of the floor of the building, including the veranda where applicable.

2: Concrete slab base

Another good base consists of concrete slabs laid on a firm foundation built exactly to the measurement for the floor of your building, including the veranda if applicable. This discourages damp from rising up from the ground and allows any excess rain water coming from the roof to drain onto your garden rather then splashing back at the sides of the building.

3:Timber bearer base

Timber Bearers

As an alternative timber bearers may be used. These should be laid in the opposite direction to the floor joists of the building and whenever possible should be pressure treated before use.

Foundation Base Work Price List

The prices shown apply to a level site and do not include any digging and levelling. If you unsure about the suitability of the site for your building please arrange for us to visit.

Size Wooden Base Chippings, Base
& Bearers
Concrete Base
1.8m X 1.2m (6' X 4') £35 £80 £150
2.1m X 1.5m (7' X 5') £50 £100 £210
2.4m X 1.8m (8' X 6') £80 £120 £245
3m X 1.8m (10' X 6') £80 £150 £310
3.6m X 1.8m (12' X 6') £90 £190 £340
2.4m X 2.4m (8' X 8') £100 £150 £290
3m X 2.4m (10' X 8') £100 £200 £385
3.6m X 2.4m (12' X 8') £120 £230 £460